You were a life-size paper doll

‘ll be the first to admit this blog has a bit of an identity crisis. I meant for it to be mostly a place to update my portfolio and show what I’m working on at home — like the apology card above — and in the office. And in the past few weeks, I’ve made a few odds and ends worth uploading that I’ll post in the coming days. Mostly they’re in the form of collaged cards and simple sketches.

But, as I said, I tend to meander a little. So I figured I’d also give credit to what I’m inspired by, to the people who do similar work as me, only far better.

Last week Very Short List featured the work of photographer and artist Thomas Allen, who takes an X-Acto blade and macro lens to old pulp fiction covers and creates engaging, three-dimensional collages. It reminds me a lot of the work of Brian Dettmer, who cuts away at out-of-print reference books to expose illustrations within and makes complex sculptures out of them. His work blows my mind.

And, lastly, I have to point out Silhouette Masterpiece Theater; a blog hosting the work of Wilhelm Staehle. It’s fun to look at, and it’s fun to read, too. And it reminds me a lot of the of work of Serrie Levine, whom a New Yorker abstract a few weeks ago focused on in part.

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