Tomorrow has so much more in store

onight, as I waited at for my slice when I stepped out of the office for dinner, I picked up an old copy of what’s left of Time magazine. As I flipped through a few pages, I came across a story about how some real estate prospectors and city developers predict Detroit will be the country’s next boom town based, in part, on the dirt-cheap prices of land and homes. To illustrate the point, most of the opening spread was a decidedly mediocre photo of an empty residential lot from the Rust Belt.

The beauty of it came from a conveniently placed pizza grease stain. Aside from making me second guess my selected nourishment for the evening, the appearance of a pollutant taking the form of the foliage on a tree got my brain spinning. In fact, on first glance, I thought it was an intentional illustration (something the poorly lit iPhone photo above doesn’t quite convey). Sometimes you have to sketch out an idea, and sometimes an idea sketches itself out for you.

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