There’s no coast of Nebraska

couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to trade the heat and humidity of Nebraska for the northern cool of Alaska’s Denali National Park and its southern coast. My friend Ally and I spent four nights camping and hiking in the shadow of Mt. McKinley before sea kayaking, ice climbing and cruising around Resurrection Bay near Seward.

First, we camped at Denali’s Wonder Lake, where between rounds of dousing ourselves with bug spray, we …

… hiked in the fog.

… sat by ponds.

… were bandits.

… watched the clouds.

… waited for the mountain to come out.

… and took pictures of it when it did.

… and took more pictures.

… and even more pictures.

… well, you get the idea.

… met Matt and Chelsea who lent us their cooking gear after ours was stolen, and who were awesome all around.

… saw bears (from a bus).

… and dall sheep.

… and caribou.

After camping, we made our way to sunny Talkeetna for a night where we …

… drank here.

… then here.

… then here.

… then here.

… then here.

… and with these people.

… we also had breakfast here.

Next, we rode a bus south to Seward, where we …

… cruised around Resurrection Bay looking at glaciers and wildlife and saw …

… humpback whales.

… sea otters.

… stellar sea lions.

… Holgate Glacier.

… and drank margaritas made of centuries-old glacier ice.

The next day, Ally and I braved the cold and wind and took a 45-minute water taxi ride across the bay to Kayaker’s Cove, where we. . .

… stayed here.

… cooked and ate by lamplight.

… and kayaked around for a day.

A couple days later, back in Seward, we …

… hiked up to Exit Glacier and …

… ice climbed out of a half dozen crevasses.

… and then hiked back down.

That night we road this train back to Anchorage and flew home the next day.

For a more pictures of the trip, Ally’s got some here and I’ve posted all of mine on Flickr, here.

Or, check out the slideshow:

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