Save the Lake St. Streetcar Barn


Photos by @EastOf72nd

In Omaha’s most recent round of civic nearsightedness, the Public Works department intends to tear down the 111-year-old Omaha and Council Bluffs Street Railway Company streetcar barn at 26th and Lake Streets. For the past 60 years, Public Works has used the site as a base of operations and now it intends to tear down the building for surface parking. In addition to being an architecturally significant structure, it’s an anchor of a vibrant stretch of Lake Street in a neighborhood that has otherwise been wantonly neglected by city services for decades.

With interested buyers, there’s no sense in tearing down yet another community asset to clear land for yet another open lot in North Omaha. So, it’s time again to call city council members, Mayor Stothert and Mayoral Candidate Heath Mello (who, with any luck, will be elected next year and will help put an end to the Stothert demolition drive) to show your support for saving the complex.

More information: Omaha World-Herald story and Restoration Exchange post.

As with the successful campaigns to save the Specht Building and Yates Elementary, I’ve created a logo for use in the effort. As always, it’s free to use in any way that advances the effort to preserve the building.


Here’s a full suite of logos in various formats, including vector:

District 1: Pete Festersen Phone: 402-444-5527,
District 2: Ben Gray Phone: 402-444-5524,
District 3: Chris Jerram Phone: 402-444-5525,
District 4: Garry Gernandt Phone: 402-444-5522,
District 5: Rich Pahls Phone: 402-444-5528,
District 6: Franklin Thompson Phone: 402-444-5523,
District 7: Aimee Melton Phone: 402-444-5526,

Mayor Stothert: 402-444-5000,

Heath Mello:

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