I’ve crossed the deserts bare, man. I’ve breathed the mountain air, man.

My time in New Mexico is coming to a close. I’ve got 15 hours of driving ahead of me tomorrow, but a few photos to share now.

Today we all packed up and took a hike out on Bayo Bench Trail near Cory and Lis’ house. Maddy couldn’t keep her hair out of her face.

Cory carried Maddy most of the way in her backpack.

The whole group adjusts the baby carrying situation.

Kelcey above the canyon.

Baby Emily (to whom I’m fairy godfather as of a week ago) spent most of today napping.

Earlier in the week, the siblings Lueninghoener participated in a little late-night
vandalism . . .

. . . to congratulate my Dad on his retirement.

Ryan snapped a couple photos of me while looking out over one of the canyons near Cory and Lis’.

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