In the new year

The blog portion of our website has been largely dormant over the past few years as better mediums (like Instagram) have broadened the audience I can reach when showing off new work. I’ve hated watching it wither, though.

The studio’s tagline of “Constantly Creative” is more than a clever alliteration, it’s really our mindset and the compass guiding our work. Even when Ben and I clock out of Hanscom Park Studio, our minds drift to new creative projects or endeavors. We’ve schemed to improve the home-showing experience for both realtor and potential buyer, have dreamt up ways to streamline home history research and outlined how a regional graphic design news site could work. We call this late-night Slack spitballing our weekly “get rich quick” schemes. Despite our efforts, we’re neither rich nor are we quick in executing these hare-brained ideas. Truth be told, they’re not really weekly, either.

That attitude, coupled with my love for new years and the seeming fresh start they afford me, prompted me to steer this space in a new direction. For the next 12 months, I’m going to try to pull the curtain back and show a little more of what Hanscom Park Studio does as a company as well as showing off our creative process.

Twenty-seventeen was a great year for the studio. In addition to celebrating its fifth anniversary, last year was easily the best year we’ve had creatively and financially. As I try to continue all of those trajectories in 2018 (while still considering creative growth the most important indicator of success), I’m going to focus this blog on the nuts and bolts of trying to grow the business. I’ll attempt to frankly write on the successes, failures and challenges of landing new clients and projects. I’ll post about the rationale behind new products and services we add as we expand. I’ll focus on some of the operational systems, like file structuring and job track, that I’ve built over the past 18 months and explain how they’ve led to some of our successes (and held us back when they’ve failed).

I think it’s important to restate that improving the work we put out in the world, the creativity of our ideas and the successfulness of the solutions we present our clients are the benchmarks I’m most interested in as the owner of a pint-size design shop. But there are many other platforms to show off those elements of our work. For the next year, I’m going to focus on the business side of the operation here.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll open up the business’ books (with a polite blur filter applied to obfuscate details) and show where Hanscom Park Studio has been. I’ll write about the promotional push we launched a month ago and its response, along with our marketing strategy for where we’re going. And I’ll outline the company’s monetary goals for 2018. Through the year, I’ll check in with how we’re achieving them and where our shortcomings are.

In the meantime, I’ll lay down the gauntlet and say Hanscom Park Studio’s main financial goal of 2018 is to increase revenue by 40 percent. Next week, I’ll explain why (I hope) that isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

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