I have become an aerial view of a coastal town you once knew

lyssa and I spent last week traveling around western Ireland and Edinburgh, Scotland. Our week of R&R led up to Rob’s wedding this past Sunday (which Alyssa worked, but was all vacation for me). The first half of the week we spent in and around Dublin, escorted by her friends Elaine and Deirdre (who, in every way, lived up to the degree of awesomeness Alyssa promised), and the tail end we spent largely in Edinburgh. I gave the camera a bit of a rest for the week, but I pulled it out a few times and have posted some photos on Flickr. Here’s a small preview.

Here are a couple of panoramas Photoshop was kind enough to stitch together for me, one from a glen outside Dublin, the other from a hill overlooking Edinburgh.

Sometimes it’s better to leave things up to a professional. Alyssa came away from the trip with some great images (she’s available for freelance assignments, too!), which I hope she doesn’t mind me showing off here.

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