Hail Varsity yearbook 2016

Hail Varsity cover

Last week, the annual Hail Varsity football yearbook, previewing the 2016 season, hit newsstands. It’s the biggest one yet at 196 pages, features a two stunning gatefold covers and dozens of amazing portraits and photos of the team by ESPN Magazine staffer Bill Frakes and Montana photographer Paul Bellinger.

Designing it is always one of the highlights of the year.

As always, it’s chock-full of the insight and analysis of each Husker opponent readers have come to expect and breakdowns of every position, plus features on Tommy Armstrong Jr., Mike Riley‘s sophomore season, the geography of recruiting and the Husker receiving corps. It’s on newsstands now. But it’s cheaper, easier and better for everyone to just subscribe here.

Hail Varsity cover







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