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eremy Buckley is getting the ball rolling for this, the eighth year of Lincoln Calling. He has again hired me to design some of the promotional materials for the five-day festival this fall, like the poster above. Among the improvements to this year’s event, he’s considering selling a very limited number of early-bird passes for an enormous discount. The ramp-up to LC2011 is just starting, so keep an eye out on the website and Hear Nebraska for announcements on tickets and lineups. I have it on good authority (uh, I designed them) that there won’t be many presale tickets available, so buy yours early and enjoy dozens of shows for less than your post-concert Jimmy Johns tab will be that week.

I have to give a shout-out to the very cool pay-what-you-want co-op foundry Lost Type for the typeface and inspiration for its treatment.

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  • melanie says:

    yay! any chance you have some past LC posters around? I am on a mission to decorate parts of my house with stuff from Lincoln. I have one LC poster, and an art show poster of the works by one Neal Obermeyer.

  • Kelly B. says:

    I love Lost Type! However… have you looked at the designer’s profiles? They’re all, like, 21. It makes me feel very inadequate…

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