Fall projects

rystal came over yesterday and revived the crafty Sunday tradition Casey and I had back in Portland. K.O. had a bushel of dried gourds she wanted to spray paint fall colors, along with some glass she picked up at an Iowa junk shop. So, we stretched out a drop cloth on my patio and got to spraying. I’ll probably post more detailed pictures (as in, ones not shot with my phone) after we do round two of painting (Sarah B. H. plans to do a bunch of brass candlesticks of varying sizes and shapes), but until then, here are some previews.

The object of the day, though, was an thrift store vase that Krystal revamped by spraying it black and dry brushing it with gray.


And after:

* * *

As it’s turning into fall, I figured some sad-bastard music was in order for the day, too. Which gave me an excuse to make a cut-paper CD sleeve.

And, as for the music, snag it here (for a somewhat limited time).

* * *

Another new undertaking (because, you know, I need another half-completed project littering my apartment) is one I’ve toyed around with for a while. I bought a Mercier Kilo TT Deluxe bike frame and fork from the good people at www.bikeisland.com, and plan to slowly piece it together over the course of the winter. So, expect periodic updates. I just ordered a headset, stem and drop bars, and with my next paycheck will come a crank and bottom bracket.

Some prettier pictures of the frame here.

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