Do you realize?

ast night I had the pure pleasure of seeing the Flaming Lips with some good friends at Edgefield, an amphitheater outside Portland. I had a pretty good idea of what to expect going in, and still I was blown away by the type of show they put on — far and away the most unique I’ve ever seen and very possibly the best. This video clip of the Lips performing their closer, “Do You Realize?”, at a show earlier this summer doesn’t quite do it justice, but gives you a taste. Wayne Coyne seems to to be happiest person on the face of the Earth (I wouldn’t doubt it for a second if he is) and he does his best to evangelize it. In fact, the hand-held smoke machine he wields shoots out pure kindness, at least according to the label on its face. Watch the video and be happy, because I can promise everyone at the show was.

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