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Kaley House Logo

The owners of the Kaley House Bed and Breakfast at Red Cloud spent nearly two decades meticulously restoring the 1885 Victorian home before opening it as a bed and breakfast two years ago. We designed a logo for the historic home, which was originally owned by a family with a notable business law practice in south central Nebraska. If you find yourself needing a place to stay in the Republican River Valley (perhaps for one of Red Cloud’s Willa Cather conferences), be sure to look them up. The home is beautiful.

We wanted to show a little bit of the process behind the mark. After a bunch of sketching, we reduced the logo to a simplified version of the home based on historic and contemporary photographs, carefully drawn on a tight grid.



The Blackstone Farnam Festival asked us to be one of this year’s sponsors and to design a poster and a logo for them. They screen printed up nice on some French Speckletone Madero Beach paper.

It was a riot drawing up simplified, gridded versions of every the building on Farnam St. between 35th and 41st Sts.

Blackstone Farnam Festival poster

Blackstone Farnam Festival poster

Blackstone Farnam Festival poster

Blackstone Farnam Festival poster

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Blackstone Farnam Festival logo

The logo mark is based on Omaha Street signs used in the 1940s, when The Blackstone District, then called West Farnam, was still accessible by streetcar.

Blackstone Farnam Festival logo

Things have recently been quiet on while every spare moment is spent on a living and dining room remodel. That hasn’t stopped some fun client work. This issue’s Hail Varsity cover features one of the most fun illustrations I’ve done in while:

Heart Hail Varsity cover

Randy Gregory Hail Varsity cover

As Nebraska continues to do well in Big Ten play, Hail Varsity has had some fun design opportunities. The team is stacked with Kenny Bell (the most charismatic and popular player in a generation), Ameer Abdullah (who has been in the Heisman Trophy race for much of the season) and Randy Gregory (who may well be the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft if he leaves school early), among others. We’ve had a good time putting together the past few issues.

Randy Gregory Hail Varsity spread

South Dakota Hail Varsity cover

After a few weeks of work, the my new home office is ready to use. Fresh paint, new drywall (in some spots), new crown molding, new picture rail, new light fixture, new switches and plates, new shades. I added an old door on rails to close off the bedroom. Liz found a sweet typewriting desk for a few dollars at a thrift shop and helped me pick out a couple new rugs. I picked up a new (to me) desk chair from The Humble Home to complete the look. There are still a few finishing touches that need to be completed: refinish the white door, build a transom above it and install molding on the curved part of the wall above the bay windows. But it’s pretty close.

Look at the middle of this post to see some pictures of the office at move-in a few years ago.

Kenny Bell Hail Varsity cover

The football season is in full swing, which means Hail Varsity is, too. For the most recent issue, we tried a new approach with our cover: we did two of ’em. Art directed by Ken Jarecke and photographed by Paul Bellinger, we were inspired by Richard Avedon and worked one of the covers up in the style of his 1968 Look Magazine cover portrait of John Lennon. The interior spread is full of Kenny-Bell-meets-GQ-style fashion images with him wears a bunch of gear (and sometimes not very much gear at all) from Omaha men’s stores. The whole thing was a whole lot of fun to put together.


One of the most fun projects we’ve worked on all year went live last week. We designed, drew and built a database for the more-than three-quarter-million combinations of Oregon Ducks uniforms from the past two decades. You can look at every one worn in every game, or see what the Ducks’ record while wearing particular helmets or jerseys. Go play with it for a little.

his week’s issue of Hail Varsity features a package I helped put together detailing the evolution of Nebraska’s football uniforms since 1960 in advance of the alternative uniforms the Huskers are about to wear aganst Wisconsin. I’m pretty proud of how it came together. And the web presentation is pretty cool, too, I think. Go visit the website and take a look. Or, even better, subscribe to the print edition. No, seriously. Do it. It’s how I pay my bills.

he inaugural issue of Hail Varsity hits newsstands today. It’s the new, only locally-owned Husker sports magazine, and I was lucky enough to design quite a lot of the inside of this issue. After my hiatus of a couple seasons, I’ve been a little surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed getting back into sports design, and playing a role in shaping the look and destination of any new publication is always rewarding. Subscriptions are cheap, the writing is strong, the content is original and, best of all, I’m working on the design of it! So go subscribe today.

he good folks at Greenstreet Cycles asked me to design their shop and cycling club jerseys this spring. And, unsurprisingly, it was a blast. They wanted a classic look, so I borrowed from old Eddy Merckx photographs and drew up something simple and clean. In my newspaper days, I always liked spotting people reading the pages I worked on. Now it’s a thrill to spot riders wearing my design. If you like what you see, stop by the shop and pick one up. And before long, they’ll be stocking matching bib shorts. Check ’em out.

(I realize things have been pretty quiet around here recently. But if all goes well, in the coming weeks some very exciting news will be coming to this space. Check back soon for more.)

And, just for kicks, because it’s summer(y) and this song makes me smile every time I hear it: New Order’s version of “Ceremony“.

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