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eremy Buckley, promoter at The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln and organizer of the annual Lincoln Calling fall music festival, had me put together a poster for the Omaha annex of his concert series, Lincoln Invasion. He’s hauling a bunch of Lincoln bands into Benson for a single night of shows. Make sure to check them out.

For the out-of-state readers, the fuselage of the B-52 is an image of the penis of the plains state capitol building.

y latest poster for Lincoln’s Bourbon Theatre is this one, for Damien Jurado. He’s among my favorite active singer-songwriter types, and puts on a solid, mellow show. So getting the chance to come up with an image to promote the concert was especially enjoyable. This one’s inspired by the song title “Gillian Was a Horse” off of his most recent LP, “Caught in the Trees.” Make it a point to check him out, and sample his music below (also, pick up his new record, “Saint Bartlett,” out Tuesday).

“Gillian Was a Horse” from 2008’s “Caught in the Trees”

“Denton, TX” from 2006’s “Now That I’m in Your Shadow”

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