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The Blackstone Farnam Festival asked us to be one of this year’s sponsors and to design a poster and a logo for them. They screen printed up nice on some French Speckletone Madero Beach paper.

It was a riot drawing up simplified, gridded versions of every the building on Farnam St. between 35th and 41st Sts.

Blackstone Farnam Festival poster

Blackstone Farnam Festival poster

Blackstone Farnam Festival poster

Blackstone Farnam Festival poster

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Blackstone Farnam Festival logo

The logo mark is based on Omaha Street signs used in the 1940s, when The Blackstone District, then called West Farnam, was still accessible by streetcar.

Blackstone Farnam Festival logo

Nebraksa Cornhusker football poster

We’re down to three Husker-football-free Saturdays left in the summer. Which means our Hail Varsity schedule posters will be delivered from the printer shortly. At 18″x24″, they’re big enough to cover one entire miserably taupe wall of a cubicle. They should be easy to pick up around Lincoln, or stop by the Hail Varsity World Headquarters in the basement of the old Rock ‘n’ Roll Runza later this week to grab a copy.

couple weeks ago, Porridge Papers in Lincoln showed a poster I designed in an opening of letterpressed, beer-related prints. The opening itself was a riot: beer, brats and polka-punk rock. And it was pretty cool to finally see the printed work, on hand-made paper, surrounded by other awesome posters. Word is mine is one of the better-selling prints they have, too. So, to shamelessly plug what I’ve done; give Porridge a call (402.742.5415) or send them a message on Facebook and order one. They’re $25, most of the profits make it into my beer fund, and they make good Christmas presents. You’ve got two weeks left to get your order in.

Credit to Ben Vankat for the photo of the opening.

It’s that time of year again: Jeremy’s annual music festival is a week away, and I did the poster again. In its ninth year, Lincoln Calling boasts 125 bands playing at nine venues over six days. Next weekend the Huskers take a week off, so take a football break and go see some good shows.

ext Friday, Oct. 5, Porridge Papers in Lincoln is hosting an opening for an awesome show: Hoptober Pressed. They’ve asked a bunch of artists to submit posters promoting the glory of beer for them to print with their letter presses into paper “made with the finest quality spent grain from an Octoberfest Lager brewed here in Lincoln by Modern Monks Brewery.” I’m lucky enough to have a poster hanging in the show, and will be at the opening next week. Which means you should be, too. Come by and buy a poster of mine, and I’ll get some beer money. It’s the circle of life. Friday, Oct. 5, 7 p.m. Porridge Papers, 1422 South Street.

aturday night was round one of Greensprints. I went there telling myself I wouldn’t race on account of my gimpy hand (and not riding for two months). I, of course, ended up racing. And losing handily. Twice. Still, it was a whole lot of fun. It’s an indoor, virtual 500-meter sprint. The winner posts times in the low 20s. Yeah. Do the math. That’s nearing 50 mph over a third of a mile. There’s a good reason for the puke bucket (okay, okay. Beer may play a role, too).

Us mortals run it in a little less than 30 seconds. It’s fast and violent and awkward, and I found myself forgetting to breath. Which isn’t a problem for the first half. You don’t need to breath for the first 15 seconds. The problem is if you don’t breath during those first 15, you nearly pass out during the last 15.

Next round is Jan. 7 at The Side Door. Be there! (I made a poster for that one, too!)

This weekend Greenstreet kicks off its winter indoor race series, Greensprints. I set up posters for each of the four events, the first of which is here.

Come watch. I promise it’ll be a good time. Bikes. Beer. Puke buckets. What’s not to like?

In the spirit of the coming holidays, the good folks at Greenstreet are organizing a charitable cycling challenge to support Siena/Francis House. They’ll stick a bike on a Goldsprints trainer and keep cyclists riding it in shifts for 24 hours. The whole while they’ll keep the shop open and have discounts all over the place. And, of course, they’ll be accepting donations of coats, food and cash for the shelter. Stop by, get a deal, cheer on a rider and help a good cause. If you come in during my shift, you’ll get to see me riding one-handed.

Above is the poster I designed for the event.

It’s that time of year again. Lincoln Calling is three weeks away. As usual, Jeremy’s put together quite the lineup for a festival that’s unlike anything else this area has to offer. And it affords me the chance to have a lot of fun building him another poster. There’s no Huskers game that weekend, so clear your calendars and support local music.

eremy Buckley is getting the ball rolling for this, the eighth year of Lincoln Calling. He has again hired me to design some of the promotional materials for the five-day festival this fall, like the poster above. Among the improvements to this year’s event, he’s considering selling a very limited number of early-bird passes for an enormous discount. The ramp-up to LC2011 is just starting, so keep an eye out on the website and Hear Nebraska for announcements on tickets and lineups. I have it on good authority (uh, I designed them) that there won’t be many presale tickets available, so buy yours early and enjoy dozens of shows for less than your post-concert Jimmy Johns tab will be that week.

I have to give a shout-out to the very cool pay-what-you-want co-op foundry Lost Type for the typeface and inspiration for its treatment.

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