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I’m in New Mexico for the week visiting my brother, sister-in-law and their daughters. Today Maddy taught me she knows how to swing all by herself.




4:50 a.m. wake-up call. New Mexico, here we come. Back in a week.

Melbourne has digitized and made public hundreds of old police evidence photographs. The site is a little clunky to navigate, but hidden within the catalog are dozens of mug shots of 1920s convicts which look more like studio portraits of the upper class than snapshots of the city’s criminal element.

A Flickr set of Las Vegas’ neon graveyard.

One hundred abandoned houses of Detroit.

As I alluded to in the past couple posts, this weekend I visited my friend Kelly B. in Minneapolis. On a whim, I dusted off my old AE-1 and snapped a few pictures . . . on film!

I used my old Canon to make pictures of . . .

. . . KB’s cool old cameras . . .

. . . a couple ducks . . .

. . . our breakfast menu . . .

. . . our breakfasts . . .

. . . our frequent bike rides . . .

. . . a Minneapolis landmark . . .

. . . KB’s windows . . .

. . . KB’s house . . .

. . . and KB herself.

Last week Casey talked me into playing with Instagram, which makes any mediocre photo taken on an iPhone look like it was shot on a Polaroid or Holga. So I spent the Fourth of July weekend dressing up otherwise bland pictures.


Tractor in Massena, Iowa Fourth of July parade.






cornish house
My apartment building.

St. Frances Cabrini

paint flakes




his fall I posted about a winter project I was starting: building a bike. I started with a Mercier Kilo TT Deluxe frame in the middle of October, and each day I got a paycheck I ordered another component. It was getting built up and complete enough that by the time Christmas rolled around, my family was kind enough to gift to me the last pieces I needed. In the days since, I’ve finished putting everything together and now have a operational bike. Hooray! Since I haven’t got a deathwish, there’s a front brake on the way. But aside from that, it’s finished! Also, did you know that in English, “mercier” means “haberdasher”? And that, also in English, “haberdasher” means “clothier: a merchant who sells men’s clothing.”? Thanks, Google.

I can’t wait for spring!

Salt panda

I spotted this salt stain in the sidewalk outside my office.

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