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As I alluded to in the past couple posts, this weekend I visited my friend Kelly B. in Minneapolis. On a whim, I dusted off my old AE-1 and snapped a few pictures . . . on film!

I used my old Canon to make pictures of . . .

. . . KB’s cool old cameras . . .

. . . a couple ducks . . .

. . . our breakfast menu . . .

. . . our breakfasts . . .

. . . our frequent bike rides . . .

. . . a Minneapolis landmark . . .

. . . KB’s windows . . .

. . . KB’s house . . .

. . . and KB herself.

grain belt

The inimitable Kelly B. (who’s got a great new portfolio website here and blog here) and I rode our bikes downtown last night for dinner. It’s great to be a city with so many cyclists again, even if it’s just for a short while.


F.L.W.’s $5,000 Fireproof Stockman House; Mason City, Iowa.

After posting these logotype sketches last week, I got a bunch of responses. Most sounded like one of these two variations: “Dude, you should totally sell these!” or “Dude, you should totally make ‘Jacksonville’!” Well, dude, I am totally selling these. And I’ve put together designs for more than 150 cities and states, both domestic and international (including Jacksonville).

So, here’s how this works. You like bikes and need clothing. I like bikes and need beer. Our interests and goals are aligned. Go to my metrocycles storefront. Order a piece of clothing and you’ll get a unique shirt with your favorite city emblazoned bicycle-style across the front. In return, I get to buy a beer. You get a t-shirt, I get a porter. It’s a win-win.

And if you don’t see the city you’re looking for, or if you’d like to see your cat’s name drawn with bicycles on a t-shirt, drop me a line and there’s a good chance I can set you up.

I still plan to hand screen print some Omaha shirts in the next couple weeks. If you’d like one, give me a color and size and I’ll let you know when I’ve got it done.

bike shirts

For my West Coast friends.

I’m thinking about relearning to screen print. Who wants this on a t-shirt?

Some current summery (and not-so-summery) addictions.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’s “The Body”

Yo La Tengo’s “Little Eyes”

Low’s “The Last Snowstorm of the Year”

Last week Casey talked me into playing with Instagram, which makes any mediocre photo taken on an iPhone look like it was shot on a Polaroid or Holga. So I spent the Fourth of July weekend dressing up otherwise bland pictures.


Tractor in Massena, Iowa Fourth of July parade.






cornish house
My apartment building.

St. Frances Cabrini

paint flakes




It’s a rare and always enjoyable experience that I get to spend some time with my friend Troy.

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