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esterday I was cleaning up some old files and came across a sketch I made of the capitol last year. It was for a story about a historian who is an expert on the artwork on and inside the building. And, as long as I’m posting, here are some linoleum-cut block print invitations for a holiday party I made for friends. All 50 of them are a little bit different.

The Bourbon needed a bunch of last-minute posters, so I made some up quick.

t the end of the month, Jeremy Buckley kicks off what has to have grown into Nebraska’s biggest music festival, the seventh annual Lincoln Calling. It boasts nearly one hundred bands at nine venues over the course of five nights. It’s always a good time, and well worth checking out. So, make your way to Lincoln sometime between Tuesday, Sept. 28 and Saturday, Oct. 2 and check out one of Jeremy’s shows. Do it!

ootball season is around the corner, which means sports sections in newsroom across the country are working long hours. Ours is no different. I spent a solid 36 consecutive hours last week designing daily sections and working on my contribution to this year’s College Football Preview section. And I took a few pictures along the way.

The section’s theme centered on books and NU’s departure from the Big 12 to the Big Ten next season. So, I built a pop-up book with a page closing on the old conference and opening on a new one.

First I came up with a digital sketch of how the illustration may come together.

Then I broke down all the pieces of that sketch into basic shapes.

Next I printed the shapes out in reverse on the appropriate color …

… and cut out each of the some 200 pieces of the helmets.

Along with the typography.

Then I glued them all together.

I built up a field as the base of the page.

Finally, I put together all the pieces on a notebook.

I took it into the studio and had one of our photographers shoot the finished product.

The final illustration didn’t come together quite like the original sketch, in part because of time constraints and pure fatigue, but also because fake pop-up books are — as it turns out — really hard to make.

ecently my posts seem to have been limited to music and bikes. You can’t blame me, though. It’s summer. And as such, this weekend you should clip in, pedal down to Lewis and Clark Landing and check out Spoon, The Faint, Ben Kweller and co. at the Maha Music Festival. I’m told the concert’s way better than its name suggests (because, let’s face it, “Maha?” Who’d want to go to something called that?) So, I find myself posting another music-related image; one that gave me a chance to have some fun with the type treatment on the Go cover this week.

And as for summer music, here a few tracks that have defined my summer. Especially “Ceremony.” Especially.

“I Summon You,” by Spoon
“Ceremony,” by New Order
“That Teenage Feeling,” by Neko Case
“Passin’ Through,” a Leonard Cohen cover by The Walkmen
“A Teenager in Love,” by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
“Bette Davis Eyes,” by Kim Barnes

eremy Buckley, promoter at The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln and organizer of the annual Lincoln Calling fall music festival, had me put together a poster for the Omaha annex of his concert series, Lincoln Invasion. He’s hauling a bunch of Lincoln bands into Benson for a single night of shows. Make sure to check them out.

For the out-of-state readers, the fuselage of the B-52 is an image of the penis of the plains state capitol building.

y latest poster for Lincoln’s Bourbon Theatre is this one, for Damien Jurado. He’s among my favorite active singer-songwriter types, and puts on a solid, mellow show. So getting the chance to come up with an image to promote the concert was especially enjoyable. This one’s inspired by the song title “Gillian Was a Horse” off of his most recent LP, “Caught in the Trees.” Make it a point to check him out, and sample his music below (also, pick up his new record, “Saint Bartlett,” out Tuesday).

“Gillian Was a Horse” from 2008’s “Caught in the Trees”

“Denton, TX” from 2006’s “Now That I’m in Your Shadow”

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