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A couple of my sketches from the dust pan of the cutting room floor.

After posting these logotype sketches last week, I got a bunch of responses. Most sounded like one of these two variations: “Dude, you should totally sell these!” or “Dude, you should totally make ‘Jacksonville’!” Well, dude, I am totally selling these. And I’ve put together designs for more than 150 cities and states, both domestic and international (including Jacksonville).

So, here’s how this works. You like bikes and need clothing. I like bikes and need beer. Our interests and goals are aligned. Go to my metrocycles storefront. Order a piece of clothing and you’ll get a unique shirt with your favorite city emblazoned bicycle-style across the front. In return, I get to buy a beer. You get a t-shirt, I get a porter. It’s a win-win.

And if you don’t see the city you’re looking for, or if you’d like to see your cat’s name drawn with bicycles on a t-shirt, drop me a line and there’s a good chance I can set you up.

I still plan to hand screen print some Omaha shirts in the next couple weeks. If you’d like one, give me a color and size and I’ll let you know when I’ve got it done.

bike shirts

Jeremy Buckley is at it again, this time putting on a three-night, three-venue, 45-band concert series highlighting local talent. And I was lucky enough to get a chance to design the poster. You should go! Yeah, you!

aaaaaaapy Super Bowl. Well, it was for me, at least. Not only did the team I’ve (mostly) passively followed since its last championship season win this year’s title, I was able to put together a few fun pages advancing the game. What I really like about this section is that it’s entirely locally produced content (unlike a lot of Super Bowl packages, which are culled from wire services). And it was pretty fun making the illustrations for the spread. You can download the section here.

(The Super Bowl also always reminds me of this video podcast from Ze Frank, which is worth watching every year before the big game).

Quick InDesign illustration on Verizon getting the iPhone.

rehashed an old sketch I drew of my apartment building for a concert poster this past week. Hear Nebraska, a new music non-profit started by old friend Andrew Norman, is staging a handful of benefit concerts before their social media site,, goes live in a couple weeks. In the mean time, they’re posting news on their Tumblr. So, go see a good show, and when the site’s up and running, sign up. It may not be Facebook, but I can pretty much promise Andrew’s cooler than that Zuckerberg clown.

A drawing of my friends Matthew and Sarah’s house.

happy christmas
Happy Christmas! I’ve spent the past couple days playing with my niece’s Christmas presents, like her new toy block set.

ver the summer, I worked on a project for the University of Mississippi. A journalism class in their School of Journalism and New Media put together a wide-reaching series of stories on poverty in the Mississippi Delta and I designed their hard work into an 80-page magazine. My finished copies landed in my mailbox yesterday. It’s always fun to see a long-term project get delivered, and seeing it print well is even better . . . This week I also finished up a poster for The Bourbon for Ideal Cleaners based on a dry cleaning shop in the neighborhood where I grew up.

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