Bring me a day full of honest work and a roof that never leaks

closed on my first house yesterday. It’s an 1890(ish), Victorian(ish) row(ish) house looking out over the north end of Hanscom Park. The east wall of the house has only one window, on the second story. Given the structure’s general aesthetic and flat roof, I suspect 120 or so years ago, the builders expected to add at least one more home to the side of the building.

I’ll post more pictures in the coming weeks and months as I fix the place up (pull up carpet, refinish floors and rip off the big refrigerator box that currently passes as an enclosed front porch). Until then, I’m knee-deep in packing up the old place.

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  • Kris Kolden says:

    Awesome grab, Q! High fives for the American Dream!

  • Carrie Gee says:

    Send me your new address! I have a package for you that’s been sitting my desk for months. I may be a deadbeat penpal, but I have the best intentions…and decent block printing skills 🙂

  • Emma Erickson says:

    Hello! I’m thinking of rehabbing a house in your neighborhood… is there any way you could give me a call or email?

    Thank you!! Love you house!

    402 nine seven 2 seven 7 zero seven

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