Anatomy of a Beer

couple weeks ago, Porridge Papers in Lincoln showed a poster I designed in an opening of letterpressed, beer-related prints. The opening itself was a riot: beer, brats and polka-punk rock. And it was pretty cool to finally see the printed work, on hand-made paper, surrounded by other awesome posters. Word is mine is one of the better-selling prints they have, too. So, to shamelessly plug what I’ve done; give Porridge a call (402.742.5415) or send them a message on Facebook and order one. They’re $25, most of the profits make it into my beer fund, and they make good Christmas presents. You’ve got two weeks left to get your order in.

Credit to Ben Vankat for the photo of the opening.

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  • Heleen says:


    Is it still possible to get one somehow? The poster is so awesome and the perfect item for a present for my boyfriend.

    With Kind regards,

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