An infant tries to dance

he personal work part of my site has been updated with some recent additions, including, but not limited to, this card. Also, I realized I left a couple people whose work I’ve recently been fascinated with off my last post. A few weeks ago I visited the and saw an exhibit of Titus Kaphar work. He replicates, nearly perfectly, historical paintings and then defaces his own work by cutting out elements, painting over people, shredding parts or dipping the whole thing in tar — all with provocative racial overtones.

Kaphar’s Kindling, 2008, Cut canvas oil painting

Another recent favorite is Christiana Couceiro, who uses vintage images and color schemes with modern typography to make crisp, simple illustrations.

A New York Magazine calender illustration.

And, lastly, while I was at the de Young last week, the piece that grabbed my attention most (aside from the Warhols) was Al Farrow’s “The Spine and Tooth of Santo Guerro,” an incredibly intricate sculpture of a cathedral built entirely out of pieces of small arms and ammunition. His site has plenty of images of other similar sculptures.

Farrow’s “The Spine and Tooth of Santo Guerro”

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