One of the annual projects we’re always proudest of is the 200-page Hail Varsity Yearbook. This year’s is no exception, and on newsstands now through the end of the year.

Friends and neighbors inCOMMON Community Development hosted a walking tour for the Neighborhood USA national conference last weekend. In preparation for it, and to help support their mission (which includes introducing a lot of people to Hanscom Park’s fair neighborhood), we designed a walking tour map for them, along with some temporary wayfinding for the conference tour. We used temporary chalk spray paint and custom laser cut stencils from the good people at MTRL, and with the help of inCOMMON’s Evelyn, marked each stop.

At the heart of both project is 13 unique logos for a selection of the community assets highlighted on the map and featured on the walk. These are part of a larger suite of logos (40-50 in total) that will be part of a project we launch later in the summer (consider this a sneak peek).




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