Last week, Admiral District released a months-long photo project in the form of a book I was lucky enough to design. Photographer Brad Iwen spent much of the past year bringing about a dozen Omaha chefs into his studio to cook his or her favorite recipe and tell the story behind it. In addition to short documentaries on each dish and cook, he compiled the stories into a book and hosted a gallery opening of a bunch of his prints at his studio last week. Check out the documentaries and pick up a book over at

Midwest Food Stories







Hail Varsity poster design

With three weeks left until the start of the college football season, it’s time again for the release of Hail Varsity’s annual schedule poster. This year I illustrated the facade of West Stadium. You can find your copied at select retailers around Lincoln and Omaha, but the best and easiest way to get your hands on one is to plunk down a buck here (seriously, ONE dollar). While you’re there, check out the other other sweet merchandise before the season starts.

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