his week’s issue of Hail Varsity features a package I helped put together detailing the evolution of Nebraska’s football uniforms since 1960 in advance of the alternative uniforms the Huskers are about to wear aganst Wisconsin. I’m pretty proud of how it came together. And the web presentation is pretty cool, too, I think. Go visit the website and take a look. Or, even better, subscribe to the print edition. No, seriously. Do it. It’s how I pay my bills.

ext Friday, Oct. 5, Porridge Papers in Lincoln is hosting an opening for an awesome show: Hoptober Pressed. They’ve asked a bunch of artists to submit posters promoting the glory of beer for them to print with their letter presses into paper “made with the finest quality spent grain from an Octoberfest Lager brewed here in Lincoln by Modern Monks Brewery.” I’m lucky enough to have a poster hanging in the show, and will be at the opening next week. Which means you should be, too. Come by and buy a poster of mine, and I’ll get some beer money. It’s the circle of life. Friday, Oct. 5, 7 p.m. Porridge Papers, 1422 South Street.

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