he good people at HearNebraska.org asked me to help with an exciting fundraising project for their awesome organization. They’ve lined up a small show with Simon Joyner at HN headquarters, which it shares with DP Muller Photo Studio in Benson. And it’s being catered by Post Punk Kitchen’s chef, Isa Chandra Moskowitz. To add to the intimacy of the experience, HN asked me to design and print tickets to the event, and I had a blast doing it.

They’re set in Lost Type’s Sullivan, cut in linoleum blocks and printed on French Paper’s Speckletone cream 80# cover with Gamblin’s Ultramarine relief ink. All that means these tickets are pretty much bomb-proof. The hatched bevel of the type made this super fun to cut and beautiful to print.

I designed the seal for the flap on the back of the envelope with a hammer and microphone as a nod to my favorite song of Jonyer’s, ‘Blue Hammer,’ and his reputation as the hardest-working man in the Omaha music scene.

Happily for HN (though sadly for you), the show sold out. You can hear what you’ll be missing below.

Simon Joyner – Out Into The Snow by Team Love

It might be March. And I may have sent out only a handful of them because I ran out of time. But I printed up some valentine cards a few weeks ago and gave the good people of Maché a rundown of how I made them. They’re always doing good work, and I’m happy when I get to contribute in some small way. Now, forget that you’ve seen these cards and act surprised when one arrives in your mail box in eleven months or so.

I whipped up some block-printed coasters last night for a little self-promotion.

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