A drawing of my friends Matthew and Sarah’s house.

happy christmas
Happy Christmas! I’ve spent the past couple days playing with my niece’s Christmas presents, like her new toy block set.

Salt panda

I spotted this salt stain in the sidewalk outside my office.

This charming little autobiographical video using Ishihara color test dots explains how Yoav Brill came to realize he was colorblind. Very cool. I’m colorblind, but I wish my vision were see-through, too.

ver the summer, I worked on a project for the University of Mississippi. A journalism class in their School of Journalism and New Media put together a wide-reaching series of stories on poverty in the Mississippi Delta and I designed their hard work into an 80-page magazine. My finished copies landed in my mailbox yesterday. It’s always fun to see a long-term project get delivered, and seeing it print well is even better . . . This week I also finished up a poster for The Bourbon for Ideal Cleaners based on a dry cleaning shop in the neighborhood where I grew up.

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esterday I was cleaning up some old files and came across a sketch I made of the capitol last year. It was for a story about a historian who is an expert on the artwork on and inside the building. And, as long as I’m posting, here are some linoleum-cut block print invitations for a holiday party I made for friends. All 50 of them are a little bit different.

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