t the end of the month, Jeremy Buckley kicks off what has to have grown into Nebraska’s biggest music festival, the seventh annual Lincoln Calling. It boasts nearly one hundred bands at nine venues over the course of five nights. It’s always a good time, and well worth checking out. So, make your way to Lincoln sometime between Tuesday, Sept. 28 and Saturday, Oct. 2 and check out one of Jeremy’s shows. Do it!

ootball season is around the corner, which means sports sections in newsroom across the country are working long hours. Ours is no different. I spent a solid 36 consecutive hours last week designing daily sections and working on my contribution to this year’s College Football Preview section. And I took a few pictures along the way.

The section’s theme centered on books and NU’s departure from the Big 12 to the Big Ten next season. So, I built a pop-up book with a page closing on the old conference and opening on a new one.

First I came up with a digital sketch of how the illustration may come together.

Then I broke down all the pieces of that sketch into basic shapes.

Next I printed the shapes out in reverse on the appropriate color …

… and cut out each of the some 200 pieces of the helmets.

Along with the typography.

Then I glued them all together.

I built up a field as the base of the page.

Finally, I put together all the pieces on a notebook.

I took it into the studio and had one of our photographers shoot the finished product.

The final illustration didn’t come together quite like the original sketch, in part because of time constraints and pure fatigue, but also because fake pop-up books are — as it turns out — really hard to make.

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