y latest poster for Lincoln’s Bourbon Theatre is this one, for Damien Jurado. He’s among my favorite active singer-songwriter types, and puts on a solid, mellow show. So getting the chance to come up with an image to promote the concert was especially enjoyable. This one’s inspired by the song title “Gillian Was a Horse” off of his most recent LP, “Caught in the Trees.” Make it a point to check him out, and sample his music below (also, pick up his new record, “Saint Bartlett,” out Tuesday).

“Gillian Was a Horse” from 2008’s “Caught in the Trees”

“Denton, TX” from 2006’s “Now That I’m in Your Shadow”

kay, so I’ve had it for a couple weeks. But it’s still shiny, even if it’s already gotten its first scratch (or dent in the front rim, as he case may be). The good folks down at Greenstreet Cycles (seriously, go visit them and their store pup, Copper) set me up with a fancy new Masi Speciale CX. And they patched it up after a pothole on Leavenworth tried to eat me. I’ll no longer be rideless when the rain of spring and summer and muckity muck of winter knock my my ’80s road bike out of commission.

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