spent last weekend in Phoenix catching up with some old friends and watching baseball that doesn’t count. Drawing points of the trip included the promise of warm weather and the fact that Matt and Sarah’s house has a pool, one that Joe couldn’t resist checking out. He’d made it home from a long bike ride and thought it’d be a good way to cool off. Some facts he may have considered: 1.) The air temperature that morning was around 65 degrees. 2.) The water temperature of that pool was around 55 degrees. A moment after this snap, I had to put the camera down for fear that I was going to have to jump in and save him. I could tell that cannonball hurt. Also among the hazards of the Wynn abode: Matt’s grill.

or lunch this afternoon, Annie and I stopped by the Creighton campus to support a hunger-fighting fundraiser. With soup donated by Dixie Quicks, the Lied Art Gallery hosted Empty Bowls. The point of the event was to raise money for and awareness of hunger. Lunch-goers plunked down ten bucks and walked off with a hand-made ceramic bowl and tub of soup. And the proceeds went to charity (as I recall, it helped out the Siena-Francis House). All the beautiful lined-up bowls reminded me of how terrible I was at pottery in high school. All the more reason to buy from people who know what they’re doing.

his winter, when there was too much snow and slush and ice on the ground to ride to work (which is to say, every single day for three full months), I walked to the office most of the time. On the commute, I appreciated all the custom signage and old painted ads on the warehouses of the Old Market. And now that it’s warmed up a little, I spent an afternoon this weekend photographing as many of them as I could find, a hundred in all. Click the photo above for a slideshow. I also combined them into a poster collage. And I tossed a set up on Flickr.

Last week I had the pleasure of putting together a logo for the Nebraska News Photographers Association.

A page from earlier this week detailing the U.S.’s medal haul from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.

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