I’m working on something that might be fun.

oday’s Sunday Oregonian Travel section has semi-vague directions to a half-dozen semi-secret paradises within driving distance of Portland. I was tasked with making some somewhat iconic mini-illustrations to accompany the clues, but not give too much away. Take a look and see if you recognize any of the spots The O’s writers love.

n the absence of www.newspagedesigner.com, which shut down a few months back, I’ve had to migrate my online portfolio to Coroflot (NPD’s demise was also the nudge I needed to finally get my own site up and running). I finally got everything posted and organized. There’s a lot of overlap between this and that site, but fresh updates are a little more readily apparent over there. Plus, Coroflot doesn’t limit me to posting only my newspaper work, like NPD did. Take a look at www.coroflot.com/quenluen.

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